thomasina (thomthebomb) wrote,

myspace killed the livejournal star

well, i haven't used livejournal in probably over a year now. i wish people still used this, but they don't. well... except jamie haha. stupid myspace. things on my mind:

are we or aren't we moving to marysville? i wish i fucking knew. if i was in charge of the situation, it would all be figured out. but i'm not. so here i am, in the dark about the whole thing. i am excited to move, but unsure and depressed about it at the same time. i mean, i've never even been to marysville...

should i get a job? i'm enjoying my month+ of not working, but matt doesn't like going to work while i just sit around. but hey, i'm cleaning the house and making food and shit like that. it's how it should be, in my mind. men work, women stay home.

more updates to come... maybe... if i remember/feel like it...
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