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ok, so, yesterday i woke up at like 11 and instantly woke up melissa. joe wasn't in her room, he went home at like 5. (last night he showed up and melissa had to bribe matt and chad not to say anything about coke the whole night. hahahahaha. and that's a big favor to ask of matt oMg). so i told melissa some juicy gossip that i couldn't keep bottled up any longer. anyways, the next thing i remember in the day is that dennis called and wanted us to bring him his van's shirt to arby's. so melissa immediately agreed b/c it gave her this brilliant plan to go to the mall and see charles. hahaha. so we hurried and got ready. i told matt to round up his laundry b/c we were gonna go to gig and do laundry.

sooooo, we went to arby's. we saw dennis and megan there. well, melissa saw them, i was blind b/c i didn't have my contacts in. yeah we ate market fresh sandwiches. it was hella good. then we drove over to the mall. we went to hot topic and talked to tightpants terry for awhile. then we went to the van's store since that was the only reason we went to the mall. melissa's plan was to ask if dennis was working today. nice huh? so she made me look at like every fuckin possible thing in that tiny ass store until she worked up the nerve to ask him that sentence. it was comical.

after melissa got her daily dose of charles, we went to gig harbor. her dad and stepmom were out of town. i got pissed that rachel didn't invite us to party in the gig. i guess she had to do shit work the whole time anyways. so then hef tells us the harsh news that the washer was broken wtf. i swear, the last 3 times i've gone there to do laundry, something has gone wrong. maybe melissa should start calling before we go there from now on. so i was like now what. so we were talking to rachel and she got all butthurt that we went to the mall w/o her. then we made at deal that if she bought both of us something for $5, we would take her to the mall. she of course agreed. hef has gotta have her abercrombie, fuckin bitch. j/k i love her.

so we headed back to the fuckin mall... melissa made us go back to the van's store. i didn't see dennis, but i guess he was working. melissa almost cried when she saw charles holding some girl's hand and leaving the mall. love hurts mel. so, we got thongs from the bon. if you are sad about a guy, new thongs will make it better. that's what i always say. so we went back to hot topic, and me and hef tried on bras for tightpants hahaha. it was funny. oh and this hot ass guy was working there w/ black and purple hair and he had his lip pierced just like me. i told him we were twins. the only reason i didn't puke on him is b/c i didn't have my contacts on. it was great, b/c since i was blind i could carry on a conversation w/o 'wearing my puke on my shirt'. instead of heart on my sleeve... yeah i'm an idiot. i talked rachel into buying me a $10 thing instead of buying us each a $5 thing. melissa was pissed. i told her that me and rachel look more related, plus hef totally likes me more. i got new nose studs though woohoo. finally i don't have to wear that rediculously huge hoop any longer. so rachel did her shopping and bought some girly bullshit that i don't care to discuss, then we drove back to gig.

it was still way early and me and rachel tried to take a nap on the couch. melissa got in a mood and me and hefe just laughed for like an hour. my abs still hurt from that today. ok so then daryl and nickie came back from their trip to w/e the fuck they went. then they sent us to buy mcdonald's. we had some comical times in the drive thru that involve guessing the nugget sauce, counting the seconds, ants being a health hazard, the sign being broken, etc. we ended up going twice b/c nickie decided she actually did want food after all. w/e. then we watched the days. oh yeah best show ever, let me tell you what.

me and mel came home and chad was still online, but no one was home. we read some shit talking he did IM style about melissa. nice! then everyone showed back up. apparently, i was supposed to pick up andrew. i was never aware of that fact, but w/e. so me, mel, and matt went and got andrew. haha i accidently called his house instead of his cell, so that was a close call.

me and andrew tried to make up code for our bracelets, but it wasn't going to well. everyone kept coming in my room, so it was hard to have this secret meeting. then matt wanted to go to bed, so we had to relocate into melissa's room. ok so then i had to tell chad the juice, he forced it out of me w/ guilt. melissa was supposed to help me, but she was on so much hydrocodone, that i don't even think she knew where she was at. haha she took so much. i decided andrew needed to get high to make up better codes, so he got high. and we made up better codes. didn't see that coming, did ya? zach kept coming into melissa's room and beating chad and andrew w/ a magnet pole. he was really high. then andrew and chad confessed their love for me. haha i love you guys too! oh yeah and zach made up the word scanastal. it was so fuckin funny i almost peed. he was trying to say scandal, i think. that was funny for like an hour. it's actually still funny today.

everyone told melissa she needed to make more brownies. mmmmmmm brownies. me, chad, andrew, and justin stood out on the porch and ate scalding hot brownie soup. it burned. it was so good though, so i didn't mind the pain. justin thought he saw a ufo on the porch... i don't know.

then i took a shower and when i got out there was jack in the box waiting for me. fuck yeah. even though i wasn't hungry... so i ate it and then me and chad talked about IBS, then i took a shit. fuuuck that cheeseburger hurt me. melissa took andrew home and i talked to some living room ppl for awhile...

chad and i'm not sure who else stayed night. justin and maybe dennis. zach and drew went to zach's i think. so i went to bed. last night was matt's last night staying at the apt., so sad. i think he should still sleep in my room at the house. yeah b/c i'm used to him in my room now. haha. plus it's a pink bedroom, i mean c'mon... i gotta pack b/c woohoo we are moving all our shit to the house in like 3 days oh shit! gotta be out of the apt. in like 5 days! fuck melissa better be able to go to kennewick or that would suck hella. i'm so mad b/c chad told andrew what finley ghost was. i think he will forget though. haha. this morning was wierd, i don't remember matt's alarm going off or him leaving. i think i blacked out b/c i wake up to everything usually. everyone is gone now at work or band practice or hanging out w/ kendra. lol ok, only one person is w/ kendra haha. melissa is sleeping, i've been up, alone, and online for about oMg... 2+ hours. wow... what have i been doing...????!!!! probably blacked out again hahaha. eww i really need to brush my teeth. the apt. wreaks like fast food and cat shit. i don't appreciate it. melissa needs to wake the fuck up. i mean seriously. oh we told her dad that we were moving in for 2 weeks, just letting him know, like not at question... and he was like, "oh we'll talk about that later." i was like no wtf we have to stay there. justin said we could crash at his place if we have to though so that's good. i want to stay in gig though b/c food, laundry, hefe, the sean, jogging, tanning, etc. i made the tanning part up, but i'm wearing rachel down lol. ok this update is unbearably long. i can't even handle it. so i'm gonna stop. fade to black bitches.
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