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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
12:18 pm - myspace killed the livejournal star
well, i haven't used livejournal in probably over a year now. i wish people still used this, but they don't. well... except jamie haha. stupid myspace. things on my mind:

are we or aren't we moving to marysville? i wish i fucking knew. if i was in charge of the situation, it would all be figured out. but i'm not. so here i am, in the dark about the whole thing. i am excited to move, but unsure and depressed about it at the same time. i mean, i've never even been to marysville...

should i get a job? i'm enjoying my month+ of not working, but matt doesn't like going to work while i just sit around. but hey, i'm cleaning the house and making food and shit like that. it's how it should be, in my mind. men work, women stay home.

more updates to come... maybe... if i remember/feel like it...

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Friday, November 18th, 2005
5:01 pm - just checking
does anyone still do this? i miss livejournal. though, i don't think my life is as eventful as when i was living in tacoma.

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
11:09 am - the 509 update
kennewick is going pretty good so far. i am working back at napa again. only part time though. matt is working at mister carwash full time plus tips. we are planning on buying some piece of shit car wednesday (our paydays). yeah, i didn't do anything for valentine's day yesterday b/c matt didn't have any money. but he's taking me to a movie and outback on thursday. i'm gonna pig the fuck out. haha. all i've been doing lately is play animal crossing on gamecube. it's some gay ass preschooler game, but i love it. i might need therapy due to my addiction to this game. my brother just got into town this morning. i think the only reason he is here is for radcon. if you don't know what it is, here is the rundown: sci-fi/trekkie/magic the gathering/vampire/goth/anime/...haha what a nerd. he's only here for a week or so. living w/ him and my mom might be my death. yeah, anyway, the plan is to move out really soon. i want to get an apt. over by where stacey lives b/c her, david, and david are basically the only ppl that we hang out w/ for the most part. oh, i heard that drew and shady were saying they left kennewick out of boredom and that they were talkin some shit... the truth of the matter is they couldn't find jobs and my mom kicked them out. drew was mad b/c the snake took a shit on him. haha. shady was my homeboy, but he was a package deal w/ drew. so that didn't work out. i'm thinking about coming to tacoma when matt comes to visit in march, but i'm not sure yet. it depends on if i get a car, b/c it would be too much money for us both to get bus tickets... plus fuck the greyhound! it takes twice as long to get there. well i'm gonna go take a shower and then play some animal crossing. then probably go to stacey's or something. my brother wants me to go w/ him to wal*mart to get a gun. haha fuck that.

current mood: happppppy

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Sunday, January 9th, 2005
8:16 pm - new moving record
this is the new fastest time for me moving. thursday night until sunday night... from the thought of it to the last of the unpacking. holy shit, i amaze myself. i deserve recognition. so, it is official, i live in kennewick once again.

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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
11:36 am - wow
ok i haven't updated since last year. hehe gay joke. anyways, how was everyone's new year? or even xmas? does anyone even use livejournal anymore? it's all about the myspace these days. fuck the myspace bullshit. i'm a livejournal girl. ok so here is the news: i'm moving back to kennewick. i know, i know... everyone in tacoma is shocked and sad for my departure. everyone in kennewick is shocked and thankful for my return. i loved the tacoma apt... the house i hated. the duplex is like being amish. no phone, no t.v., no parties, etc. yeah, it's true i'm leaving 253 to come back to 509. nobody saw this coming. oh and i'm stealing some people from tacoma and taking them w/ me. so tacoma needs to say their farewells to thomasina, matt, drew, and shady motherfuckin mcnasty. we are all moving to kennewick within the next week or so. no bullshit. we will be back in tacoma on sunday and then we are all packing up and moving out. it's crazy. i love everyone i met in the past year in tacoma. i will miss all of you!

current mood: ready to move

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Friday, October 29th, 2004
2:42 pm - cunt
you need to see my tattoo. it's fresh.

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2:40 pm - an email to my mother
mom what up. i might be moving to canada. or somewhere else. plz send my birth certificate. hurry the shit up though i gotta do this. i stole some sweet ass sunglasses from zumiez at the mall yesterday. fuck yeah nigger. i want to come visit shitface ... and you. anyways melissa might move to vegas, mainly for the coke scene i think. she is such a drug whore. well i hope your neck is doing better. i'm going to have canadian babies and i will send you pics of the child. it's gonna be ugly. but i want to be a housewife and be my roommate matt's baby's momma. call me soon.

ass vulcans unite bitch

i love you


current mood: doing laundry

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
7:16 pm - house withdrawals
i'm coming the fuck home!! 253 hilltop what!! i went to stacey's for awhile today and now i'm ready to come home!

current mood: driving mode

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11:33 am - i'm at court more often than i'm home
i just got done w/ court. oMfg, 7:45-10:45, are you fucking serious?!?! yeah i saw this chick that worked at a car place i used to deliver parts to, and she had the same court as me. she was going 108 and i was only going 102 so i gave her mad props for that shit. haha so we talked forever b/c we were there for fucking ever. we had a list of all the court appointed attorneys and we were trying to guess which one was which. that game was amusing for about an hour. we just sat in the back row talking mass shit the whole time it was great. anyways, at about 9:45 i was so hungry i started having cold sweats or something. then at 10 i couldn't stay awake any longer and i fell asleep until 10:40. i woke up b/c she was like "dude, it's your turn you fuck!" haha so i stumbled up to the judge and my attorney was looking at me and laughing. then he kept talking about how 102 wasn't shit b/c his car could go 160 or something. i was like "that's wonderful?" the judge was like "why were you going 102 in a 70?" i said "ummm, b/c i was speeding?" he told me that was correct. then i got my charge lowered from reckless to neglegence. they added all my fines together so i gotta pay $95/mo starting september 25th. all in all, it all worked out. i think... except for the whole pay $95/mo until i die thing. other than that though, it's all good. hahahaha. so now i must eat, nap, try to get my car fixed, and then consider driving back to tacoma tonight. i miss tacoma. i wonder if my housemates miss me... i wonder if we have a phone yet... probably no to both. j/k. everyone loves thomas. fade to black.

current mood: tired/starving

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7:06 am - reckless court day
i have court at 8 a.m. fuck this is gonna suck asshole. just like that creep bum that followed me and melissa the other day. last night i stayed at amber and adam's house after i went to a hotel "party" at clover island. it was a total vag-fest though. yeah it sucked. yesterday fuckin sucked. me and jordan had a bbq though. and mat came over. oh yeah and we went to the bowling alley where i kicked some ass at air hockey. hahaha it was great. then i evened it out by sucking at pool. i might stay here for one more day b/c amber's dad said he would fix my spedometer and try to unfuck up my transmission and the power steering fluid leakage problem. so that would be a good investment, but i don't know if i want to stay another day... actually, i know i don't want to. my car is pretty gay though. well i gotta go so i can get to court early to talk to my attorney or lawyer or w/e the fuck it is. this blows.

current mood: fuck this shit

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
5:58 am - what a boring ass update
i can't really remember today... it was boring i guess. i know i was at target for a long ass time. i kept begging to go to jordan's or mat's, but no one else wanted to go. i watched home alone w/ cassie's sister savannah and we fell asleep for awhile. kieran culkin is my god. oh yeah and we were at hollywood video for quite some time also. today i was really busy doing alot of nothing. i read magazines at yoke's for like ever. i found some good good charlotte teeny bop shit though, so i'm happy. at like midnight we ended up at jordan's. we were all laughing the whole time. i don't know why... everything was funny. we looked up funny ass shit online for awhile and we watched the sweetest thing. that movie is great shit. oh and i drank coffee, i hated it. i hate coffee. yeah now i'm back at my mom's and it's like 6 a.m. holy fuck.

current mood: going to bed

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Monday, August 16th, 2004
3:38 am - harold and kumar are my boys
today i went to cassie's mom's house to pick up cassie and nick. we went to her dad's and made homemade salsa (melissa... haha erik), it was no good. it ate my insides. we went to hastings and i bought cds to burn. i took some gc thing b/c i'm cool like that and i gotta represent. it's just some stupid piece of paper though, i'm not a hxc stealer. that would've been cooler though if i stole something real. then we went to rite-aid, i don't remember why.

after that , we drove over to mat's house for his grandpa's birthday party, nice huh? yeah we got hooked up w/ some bbq food. his brother doesn't look like him at all, it's wierd. we watched best of chris farley snl movie. i've seen it before, but it was still fuckin funny as shit. mat's mom tried to talk to me about church and i was like "wtf are you talking about?" it was great b/c i guess mat said i went to church all the time b/c she thought i was a drug dealer/doer. niiiiice. anyways some foreign guys were there and they took a picture of us b/c we are american i guess. i'm confused about that one. i was supposed to burn cds over there, but i guess that is happening tomorrow.

so we decided to go see harold and kumar go to white castle or w/e the fuck the movie is called. well, actually, first we were gonna see w/o a paddle, but it isn't even out yet. damn. so by this time it is only 8ish and we have until 9:40 until the movie starts... which of course means we had to go across the street to arby's to visit jordan. well she wasn't supposed to get off of work until 10, but she got sent home early. we called her cell and made her come back. then cassie and nick went w/ her to her house to change and get money and shit like that. me and mat stayed and watched some classic arby's television on a 45 second loop. he was persuaded to get a roast beef sandwich (i'm scared of those). all the girls that work there are complete cunts. i got free dp (dr. pepper, not double penetration you sick fucks), so i was happy. they play some great tunes there like tatu and jessica simpson lmao. apparently mat has no idea who tatu is and i told them they are young girls that pretend to be lesbians and make out in all of their videos. he creamed his pants and then got pissed that he had never heard of them before this. i told him he was a fuckin loser b/c everyone knows who tatu is. haha. so the others finally got back and we left arby's.

harold and kumar is a fuckin funny ass movie. i recommend that all of you see it. i laughed, i cried, i shit my pants. i kept making funny comments the whole movie and so did these 2 guys in the row behind us. that movie is great. i know i'm sxe, but i love stoner movies i swear. they are hilarious. haha before i saw the movie i thought white castle was like a city in europe or something. and if europe isn't a state or anything i don't wanna hear it. i dropped out, fuck social studies. fuck it i say. i know it's a continent, bitches. i just don't know what a continent is... anyways, white castle is a restaurant that has mini hamburgers. just in case anybody else was confused on that subject, which i'm sure it's just me b/c i'm a faggot like that.

then jordan and matt went home and me, cassie, and nick went to my mom's (a.k.a. here) and tried to call ppl w/ no luck. so we went to her dad's. we watched the last half of fast times at ridgemont high. that movie is sweet. then i watched about a boy... some hugh grant movie. the little boy in that movie is cool. cassie and nick fell asleep. then her dad woke up and was in his underwear and tried to yell at me and i told him i was me and he was like sorry. haha what a dumbass. now i'm back at my mom's and that was my day.

current mood: happier than the last 2 days

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
1:53 pm - livejournal, how i've missed you...
shit i haven't updated since the 10th. it's the 15th. ok our phone got half shut off. it was really gay. so nobody could go online or call ppl, but ppl could call us. let me try to bring everyone back up to speed on what has happened since last tuesday...

me, melissa, justin, and dennis had a meeting w/ the house girl and we signed and initialed many, many things. we got the house and got to move in so we don't have to wait until the 1st. fuck yeah. so we are completely moved in and the house is so fuckin sweet i love it. oh it was friday the 13th and nothing much happened. i want to become a drug dealer, but i don't know if i have enough money to start my career. i found out that the guy i really like and thought liked me, doesn't. it sucked. i cried like 4 times. then everyone got high in justin's room. and i made some fuckin great things on justin's "bed" a.k.a. cardboard box. it was nice. yesterday me and melissa were in the front yard at THE HOUSE and i met this boy that i think was autistic and he told me that he was a gangsta. i want to be his bff. oh and some emoish lookin guys live down the street. i think me and melissa might start going on walks in that direction. hahaha yes, yes we shall. oh and i drove to kennewick in 3 hours, 20 minutes... that's gotta be some kind of fuckin record. i love how i'm coming here for reckless driving and drove here as fast as i could in the dark. (i have night blindness.) i'm in kennewick now. alone. oh and melissa called to see if i died driving here. she said she was at some party w/ justin, chad, and matt. i was all butthurt b/c i had to come to kennewick alone and i have never been invited to any parties that weren't at the apt. so w/e i was mad about the fact that as soon as i leave, there is a party. but, w/e i'm not mad at anyone. i've just had a shitty week emotionally. which is like a once a year thing for me... so just deal w/ it. haha i'll be over it by the time i'm back in tacoma. anyways today i'm gonna meet up w/ some 509 ppl and also try to get some weed. haha never thought i'd say that. oh yeah and last night douche went inside this recliner at my mom's and almost died. somehow she was like hanging from 9 strings that wrapped around her throat. anyways it was impossible to see inside the chair and the strings were so tight around douche's neck that i couldn't even get scissors in to cut them. so douche is alive. i'm a hero. i hate that cat. yeah i think all 6 of us should seriously get some kind of 8th and state tattoo. that would be fuckin sweet. ok i love everyone and i'll see you in like however many days it is until the 18th. my mom's # is (509) 374-0220. leave a message if you want to talk to me b/c she doesn't have caller id. kthanxbye.

current mood: so happy i could shit

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
2:38 am - something gnar to gnar to you about
chad you aren't online and i don't know how to email you anymore since your aol is fucked... so all i have to say is that you have let me down by not being online. thanks for nothing, dick. haha yeah i will just have to talk, and by talk i mean gnar, to you tomorrow.

current mood: gnar, fuck you for asking

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
3:18 pm - must....update....journal....
ok, so, yesterday i woke up at like 11 and instantly woke up melissa. joe wasn't in her room, he went home at like 5. (last night he showed up and melissa had to bribe matt and chad not to say anything about coke the whole night. hahahahaha. and that's a big favor to ask of matt oMg). so i told melissa some juicy gossip that i couldn't keep bottled up any longer. anyways, the next thing i remember in the day is that dennis called and wanted us to bring him his van's shirt to arby's. so melissa immediately agreed b/c it gave her this brilliant plan to go to the mall and see charles. hahaha. so we hurried and got ready. i told matt to round up his laundry b/c we were gonna go to gig and do laundry.

sooooo, we went to arby's. we saw dennis and megan there. well, melissa saw them, i was blind b/c i didn't have my contacts in. yeah we ate market fresh sandwiches. it was hella good. then we drove over to the mall. we went to hot topic and talked to tightpants terry for awhile. then we went to the van's store since that was the only reason we went to the mall. melissa's plan was to ask if dennis was working today. nice huh? so she made me look at like every fuckin possible thing in that tiny ass store until she worked up the nerve to ask him that sentence. it was comical.

after melissa got her daily dose of charles, we went to gig harbor. her dad and stepmom were out of town. i got pissed that rachel didn't invite us to party in the gig. i guess she had to do shit work the whole time anyways. so then hef tells us the harsh news that the washer was broken wtf. i swear, the last 3 times i've gone there to do laundry, something has gone wrong. maybe melissa should start calling before we go there from now on. so i was like now what. so we were talking to rachel and she got all butthurt that we went to the mall w/o her. then we made at deal that if she bought both of us something for $5, we would take her to the mall. she of course agreed. hef has gotta have her abercrombie, fuckin bitch. j/k i love her.

so we headed back to the fuckin mall... melissa made us go back to the van's store. i didn't see dennis, but i guess he was working. melissa almost cried when she saw charles holding some girl's hand and leaving the mall. love hurts mel. so, we got thongs from the bon. if you are sad about a guy, new thongs will make it better. that's what i always say. so we went back to hot topic, and me and hef tried on bras for tightpants hahaha. it was funny. oh and this hot ass guy was working there w/ black and purple hair and he had his lip pierced just like me. i told him we were twins. the only reason i didn't puke on him is b/c i didn't have my contacts on. it was great, b/c since i was blind i could carry on a conversation w/o 'wearing my puke on my shirt'. instead of heart on my sleeve... yeah i'm an idiot. i talked rachel into buying me a $10 thing instead of buying us each a $5 thing. melissa was pissed. i told her that me and rachel look more related, plus hef totally likes me more. i got new nose studs though woohoo. finally i don't have to wear that rediculously huge hoop any longer. so rachel did her shopping and bought some girly bullshit that i don't care to discuss, then we drove back to gig.

it was still way early and me and rachel tried to take a nap on the couch. melissa got in a mood and me and hefe just laughed for like an hour. my abs still hurt from that today. ok so then daryl and nickie came back from their trip to w/e the fuck they went. then they sent us to buy mcdonald's. we had some comical times in the drive thru that involve guessing the nugget sauce, counting the seconds, ants being a health hazard, the sign being broken, etc. we ended up going twice b/c nickie decided she actually did want food after all. w/e. then we watched the days. oh yeah best show ever, let me tell you what.

me and mel came home and chad was still online, but no one was home. we read some shit talking he did IM style about melissa. nice! then everyone showed back up. apparently, i was supposed to pick up andrew. i was never aware of that fact, but w/e. so me, mel, and matt went and got andrew. haha i accidently called his house instead of his cell, so that was a close call.

me and andrew tried to make up code for our bracelets, but it wasn't going to well. everyone kept coming in my room, so it was hard to have this secret meeting. then matt wanted to go to bed, so we had to relocate into melissa's room. ok so then i had to tell chad the juice, he forced it out of me w/ guilt. melissa was supposed to help me, but she was on so much hydrocodone, that i don't even think she knew where she was at. haha she took so much. i decided andrew needed to get high to make up better codes, so he got high. and we made up better codes. didn't see that coming, did ya? zach kept coming into melissa's room and beating chad and andrew w/ a magnet pole. he was really high. then andrew and chad confessed their love for me. haha i love you guys too! oh yeah and zach made up the word scanastal. it was so fuckin funny i almost peed. he was trying to say scandal, i think. that was funny for like an hour. it's actually still funny today.

everyone told melissa she needed to make more brownies. mmmmmmm brownies. me, chad, andrew, and justin stood out on the porch and ate scalding hot brownie soup. it burned. it was so good though, so i didn't mind the pain. justin thought he saw a ufo on the porch... i don't know.

then i took a shower and when i got out there was jack in the box waiting for me. fuck yeah. even though i wasn't hungry... so i ate it and then me and chad talked about IBS, then i took a shit. fuuuck that cheeseburger hurt me. melissa took andrew home and i talked to some living room ppl for awhile...

chad and i'm not sure who else stayed night. justin and maybe dennis. zach and drew went to zach's i think. so i went to bed. last night was matt's last night staying at the apt., so sad. i think he should still sleep in my room at the house. yeah b/c i'm used to him in my room now. haha. plus it's a pink bedroom, i mean c'mon... i gotta pack b/c woohoo we are moving all our shit to the house in like 3 days oh shit! gotta be out of the apt. in like 5 days! fuck melissa better be able to go to kennewick or that would suck hella. i'm so mad b/c chad told andrew what finley ghost was. i think he will forget though. haha. this morning was wierd, i don't remember matt's alarm going off or him leaving. i think i blacked out b/c i wake up to everything usually. everyone is gone now at work or band practice or hanging out w/ kendra. lol ok, only one person is w/ kendra haha. melissa is sleeping, i've been up, alone, and online for about oMg... 2+ hours. wow... what have i been doing...????!!!! probably blacked out again hahaha. eww i really need to brush my teeth. the apt. wreaks like fast food and cat shit. i don't appreciate it. melissa needs to wake the fuck up. i mean seriously. oh we told her dad that we were moving in for 2 weeks, just letting him know, like not at question... and he was like, "oh we'll talk about that later." i was like no wtf we have to stay there. justin said we could crash at his place if we have to though so that's good. i want to stay in gig though b/c food, laundry, hefe, the sean, jogging, tanning, etc. i made the tanning part up, but i'm wearing rachel down lol. ok this update is unbearably long. i can't even handle it. so i'm gonna stop. fade to black bitches.

current mood: cap'n (what did that mean?)

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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
10:19 pm - the gulp
last night me and mel made everyone dinner, as you all know. everyone was laughing all night. it's gonna be hxc when we all have the house! melissa and dennis went to vans store to get dennis' check. that is where she saw charles, the man of her dreams. if it would've been me i would've just thrown up. haha. chad and dennis said they knew i didn't think they were hot b/c i could make valid sentences and didn't throw up on them or pronounce my name wrong. hahaha i love you guys! anyways back to justin's house. oh me and justin went to 7-11 and they weren't hiring. i was heart broken. but we saw big tictacs b/c everything there is big. megan (arby's) came over after dinner. everyone went up to justin's room to get high (me, megan, matt, andrew, and chad). well i didn't get high, but yeah. oh yeah and matt threw up. i think he hated our food we made j/k. haha then for some unknown reason, i was trying to run straight into andrew's shoulder... i'm an idiot. so i got a running start and slammed into him. everyone laughed at me and i fell to the ground. i almost broke my breast cage. i saw red, then black, then the back of my teeth hurt, and inside my ears. haha i almost died dude. then we went back to the apt. and i made more brownies. oh me, mel, and andrew went to safeway to buy me things. it was great. then andrew kept making fat jokes all night long (haha not really). he apologized like 90 times and then i was making fat jokes on myself. it was so funny. melissa was getting so pissed b/c we were being obnoxious, oops. oh and i told chad my secret. zach was sleeping on the gross couch and me and chad were like "ooooh cute little zach, sleeping on the couch!" you know just being stupid. then zach ripped a huge ass fart. me and chad busted up laughing. "ooooh little zachy farted, how cute!" haha good times. anyways last night andrew slept in my room w/ me and matt and matt made me in charge of keeping andrew from snoring so matt could sleep. it was a hard task. that motherfucker.

today was a nothing day. me and mel packed some of our rooms up. she did more than me b/c i'm a lazy bitch. melissa told chad her secret too and he told her his. it was a very sharing time for all of us. i got a gulp at 7-11 it is rediculous. dennis and matt were yelling crazy shit out the window. oh and dennis gave matt the new name of "mixmaster matty matt" haha nice. me and melissa went over to matt's to eat pie. matt was IMing me drunk off of tacos. drunken taco, hidden pie. right now melissa is freaking the shit out b/c her mom IMed me w/ some crazy talk. it was straight up jibberish. i think she is gonna throw up. chad kinda put me in low self-esteem hate self mode for awhile earlier today, but i think i'm over it b/c melissa talked me out of it. melissa and jamie are in the living room w/ chad, matt, and dennis who are playing that ps2 racing game. i should know what it's called by now, but i don't. ok i'm probably leaving alot of shit out, but too bad. i don't remember it right now.

current mood: squinting to see

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
1:36 am - uh huh
today i woke up at like 11:30 and i don't think i did anything until like 6ish. me and melissa went to gig harbor. i helped 'the sean' w/ some easy chores and he gave me $22. it was great. i think i'm gonna start saving any money that i get so i can pay rent the first month. lol dammit i'm a loser. we told hefe she can't come hang out b/c she hates hxc on all our friends. little biatch... anyways after that we were sitting here and jeff came over. i guess his dad totally kicked his ass and he got stitches in his knee. then we took him to jamie's house b/c nicole was there. so then we went over to andrew's house for a little while. he is gonna look at my car tomorrow to see if it is just a simple problem w/ it. yeah so i took my keys over there. me and melissa went to the store for t.p. and decided we wanted to make the boys food tomorrow night. isn't that some happy horse shit? yeah so it's gonna be me, melissa, dennis, chad, justin, matt, chris, and andrew. i was supposed to be going to hooter's tomorrow night, but i'm gonna have to postpone that date. it should be cool though b/c he can still come over for the dinner me and mel are making for everyone. we might just go over to justin's house b/c his parents are going camping. that would be sweet since he has that movie theatre livingroom. plus then me and mel will have a bigger kitchen to cook in. haha it's gonna be so fuckin funny if we like burn the food or just fuck it up. b/c neither one of us are very good housewifes. it's the thought that counts though, right? haha.

current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
4:21 pm - my sixty-ninth (hehe) entry by thomasina
chad is back, tell a friend. yeah chad has returned to his circle of friends. he says he has a secret to tell everyone later tonight after band practice. i have a feeling it is some disturbing news. lol actually i think i know... anyways today i got up in the 11 o'clock hour. i think i went to bed early too... like 5ish. that is early for this apt. haha i need a fuckin job. i want my car!! maybe if i just go and try to start it today, it will magically work again. shit yeah right. right now the boys are at band practice. i got to see who spencer was finally. even though i think he was here a few weeks back, but i don't remember him. do you guys have a band name??? chad is staying the night and i think we are gonna have girl talk, but i think i'm gonna have to cancel it. lol sorry dude. oh yeah a couple hours ago melissa decided to super glue all my toes on my right foot together. it was really ugly looking. i ripped them apart and now it looks like i have sick ass psoriasis or some shit. ewww. so tonight i think me and melissa are gonna go to the gig. her daddy is giving her the money for the 5 fuckin bedroom house. oh yeah and money for the u-haul. shit yeah that's rad. damn we gotta start packing! we only got like 9 days until we gotta be out of the apt! ok i'm rambling. i don't even know what i'm writing about b/c nothing has happened yet today... kthanxbye.

current mood: superglued

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12:08 am - my sixty-eighth entry by thomasina
my white car is brokedown. fuck that sucks. and i don't even know what's wrong w/ it. that's basically all that i remember from today except that we all ate hamburgers at andrew's house. food is good. jamie is like freakin the shit out and thinks i hate her or something, i don't get it. right now i'm just sitting here trying to figure out where the shit everyone is at. b/c they were here when i left. i'm freakin out man. so i haven't seen chad in days and i'm wondering wtf he's been doing. what a worthless friend. no one has seen him in forever. not cool, chad, not cool. dude i didn't wake up today until 3:30ish. haha. oh shit we went to the mall today to do surveys, but we didn't do any surveys. there was a guy there that melissa spotted and he looked just like cooper day from the days. that sentence only makes sense to a few ppl. but owell fuck it. then this kid was totally following us and staring at us. it was really creepfest. where is everyone!?!? melissa, matt, chris, and zach just disappeared. i'm mass pissed. son of a bitch, even matt has a job now. so i'm feelin like shit. i need to go to 7-11 and hopefully work there. yeah so it sucks dick that my car isn't working and it is the one w/ all the gas in it. makes it tough to go to hilltop and apply places by the fuckin 5 bedroom house. frustration... dude zack15's b-day was on the 1st, so now he is officially zack16. i'm not sure i can handle that kind of change. speaking of zack, i'm wearing zach johns' fossil watch b/c i'm gansta like that. ok well i think me, dennis, and andrew are gonna watch a movie now.

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
9:40 pm - i'm not vegan (kendra), i'm not a whore (melissa), i'm just sXe
i just got back from mcdonald's. dennis, matt, and abbas were all dressed up in my clothes. they looked so fuckin funny. it was nice. the guy that worked there was totally hitting on them. then matt kept on throwing lettuce on me b/c he thinks i'm vegan? i don't get it. ha then andrew called me and i had to hide in the playland b/c everyone was fuckin w/ me. i always get bullied. matt beats me up alot. jesse gave us a nintendo64. sweet. i gotta find mariokart. why does matt think i'm a fuckin vegan sxe whore? only the sxe part is right. god dammit. yep justin is coming over after work which is in like 15 minutes and i'm picking up andrew when he sneaks out later. dude i've been up since 11 when i took dennis to work. then i got mass lost until 11:45. it sucked. then i couldn't fall back asleep. now i'm tired as shiiiiiit. justin needs to do some touch ups on my tattoo fo sho. the guys are playing some gay wrestling game on 64. i want no part in it. melissa is watching me type.

current mood: i want to eat some meat

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