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ok i haven't updated since last year. hehe gay joke. anyways, how was everyone's new year? or even xmas? does anyone even use livejournal anymore? it's all about the myspace these days. fuck the myspace bullshit. i'm a livejournal girl. ok so here is the news: i'm moving back to kennewick. i know, i know... everyone in tacoma is shocked and sad for my departure. everyone in kennewick is shocked and thankful for my return. i loved the tacoma apt... the house i hated. the duplex is like being amish. no phone, no t.v., no parties, etc. yeah, it's true i'm leaving 253 to come back to 509. nobody saw this coming. oh and i'm stealing some people from tacoma and taking them w/ me. so tacoma needs to say their farewells to thomasina, matt, drew, and shady motherfuckin mcnasty. we are all moving to kennewick within the next week or so. no bullshit. we will be back in tacoma on sunday and then we are all packing up and moving out. it's crazy. i love everyone i met in the past year in tacoma. i will miss all of you!
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