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the gulp

last night me and mel made everyone dinner, as you all know. everyone was laughing all night. it's gonna be hxc when we all have the house! melissa and dennis went to vans store to get dennis' check. that is where she saw charles, the man of her dreams. if it would've been me i would've just thrown up. haha. chad and dennis said they knew i didn't think they were hot b/c i could make valid sentences and didn't throw up on them or pronounce my name wrong. hahaha i love you guys! anyways back to justin's house. oh me and justin went to 7-11 and they weren't hiring. i was heart broken. but we saw big tictacs b/c everything there is big. megan (arby's) came over after dinner. everyone went up to justin's room to get high (me, megan, matt, andrew, and chad). well i didn't get high, but yeah. oh yeah and matt threw up. i think he hated our food we made j/k. haha then for some unknown reason, i was trying to run straight into andrew's shoulder... i'm an idiot. so i got a running start and slammed into him. everyone laughed at me and i fell to the ground. i almost broke my breast cage. i saw red, then black, then the back of my teeth hurt, and inside my ears. haha i almost died dude. then we went back to the apt. and i made more brownies. oh me, mel, and andrew went to safeway to buy me things. it was great. then andrew kept making fat jokes all night long (haha not really). he apologized like 90 times and then i was making fat jokes on myself. it was so funny. melissa was getting so pissed b/c we were being obnoxious, oops. oh and i told chad my secret. zach was sleeping on the gross couch and me and chad were like "ooooh cute little zach, sleeping on the couch!" you know just being stupid. then zach ripped a huge ass fart. me and chad busted up laughing. "ooooh little zachy farted, how cute!" haha good times. anyways last night andrew slept in my room w/ me and matt and matt made me in charge of keeping andrew from snoring so matt could sleep. it was a hard task. that motherfucker.

today was a nothing day. me and mel packed some of our rooms up. she did more than me b/c i'm a lazy bitch. melissa told chad her secret too and he told her his. it was a very sharing time for all of us. i got a gulp at 7-11 it is rediculous. dennis and matt were yelling crazy shit out the window. oh and dennis gave matt the new name of "mixmaster matty matt" haha nice. me and melissa went over to matt's to eat pie. matt was IMing me drunk off of tacos. drunken taco, hidden pie. right now melissa is freaking the shit out b/c her mom IMed me w/ some crazy talk. it was straight up jibberish. i think she is gonna throw up. chad kinda put me in low self-esteem hate self mode for awhile earlier today, but i think i'm over it b/c melissa talked me out of it. melissa and jamie are in the living room w/ chad, matt, and dennis who are playing that ps2 racing game. i should know what it's called by now, but i don't. ok i'm probably leaving alot of shit out, but too bad. i don't remember it right now.
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