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my sixty-ninth (hehe) entry by thomasina

chad is back, tell a friend. yeah chad has returned to his circle of friends. he says he has a secret to tell everyone later tonight after band practice. i have a feeling it is some disturbing news. lol actually i think i know... anyways today i got up in the 11 o'clock hour. i think i went to bed early too... like 5ish. that is early for this apt. haha i need a fuckin job. i want my car!! maybe if i just go and try to start it today, it will magically work again. shit yeah right. right now the boys are at band practice. i got to see who spencer was finally. even though i think he was here a few weeks back, but i don't remember him. do you guys have a band name??? chad is staying the night and i think we are gonna have girl talk, but i think i'm gonna have to cancel it. lol sorry dude. oh yeah a couple hours ago melissa decided to super glue all my toes on my right foot together. it was really ugly looking. i ripped them apart and now it looks like i have sick ass psoriasis or some shit. ewww. so tonight i think me and melissa are gonna go to the gig. her daddy is giving her the money for the 5 fuckin bedroom house. oh yeah and money for the u-haul. shit yeah that's rad. damn we gotta start packing! we only got like 9 days until we gotta be out of the apt! ok i'm rambling. i don't even know what i'm writing about b/c nothing has happened yet today... kthanxbye.
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