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my sixty-eighth entry by thomasina

my white car is brokedown. fuck that sucks. and i don't even know what's wrong w/ it. that's basically all that i remember from today except that we all ate hamburgers at andrew's house. food is good. jamie is like freakin the shit out and thinks i hate her or something, i don't get it. right now i'm just sitting here trying to figure out where the shit everyone is at. b/c they were here when i left. i'm freakin out man. so i haven't seen chad in days and i'm wondering wtf he's been doing. what a worthless friend. no one has seen him in forever. not cool, chad, not cool. dude i didn't wake up today until 3:30ish. haha. oh shit we went to the mall today to do surveys, but we didn't do any surveys. there was a guy there that melissa spotted and he looked just like cooper day from the days. that sentence only makes sense to a few ppl. but owell fuck it. then this kid was totally following us and staring at us. it was really creepfest. where is everyone!?!? melissa, matt, chris, and zach just disappeared. i'm mass pissed. son of a bitch, even matt has a job now. so i'm feelin like shit. i need to go to 7-11 and hopefully work there. yeah so it sucks dick that my car isn't working and it is the one w/ all the gas in it. makes it tough to go to hilltop and apply places by the fuckin 5 bedroom house. frustration... dude zack15's b-day was on the 1st, so now he is officially zack16. i'm not sure i can handle that kind of change. speaking of zack, i'm wearing zach johns' fossil watch b/c i'm gansta like that. ok well i think me, dennis, and andrew are gonna watch a movie now.
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