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i'm not vegan (kendra), i'm not a whore (melissa), i'm just sXe

i just got back from mcdonald's. dennis, matt, and abbas were all dressed up in my clothes. they looked so fuckin funny. it was nice. the guy that worked there was totally hitting on them. then matt kept on throwing lettuce on me b/c he thinks i'm vegan? i don't get it. ha then andrew called me and i had to hide in the playland b/c everyone was fuckin w/ me. i always get bullied. matt beats me up alot. jesse gave us a nintendo64. sweet. i gotta find mariokart. why does matt think i'm a fuckin vegan sxe whore? only the sxe part is right. god dammit. yep justin is coming over after work which is in like 15 minutes and i'm picking up andrew when he sneaks out later. dude i've been up since 11 when i took dennis to work. then i got mass lost until 11:45. it sucked. then i couldn't fall back asleep. now i'm tired as shiiiiiit. justin needs to do some touch ups on my tattoo fo sho. the guys are playing some gay wrestling game on 64. i want no part in it. melissa is watching me type.
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